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Consensus Meeting on ALPPS

ALPPS in Liver Surgery: Where do we stand, where do we go?

Dear colleagues,

after itīs introduction into Liver Surgery, the ALPPS Procedure has spread rapidly and is widedly used in the HPB Community.
Many technical considerations and approaches to this demanding procedure have been proposed, it has been used in various indications. Following the first publication from Schlittīs Regensburg Group, numerous case series have been published.

Due to the complexity of the procedure the reported rates of morbidity and mortality are high and there have been long discussions about the procedure and its indication as well as outcomes during the last HPB meetings. Now, that we have 3 years of worldwide experience with the method, we feel it is time for an international consensus meeting about this fascinating approach, where all experts in this field can share their experience, thoughts and concerns about all aspects of this procedure.

Key points will be indications, preparations, techniques and outcomes, so that we can end with an expert consensus giving the community a scientific base for future decision making. All groups with major experience in the ALPPS approach have been invited as faculty, as well as prominent groups with a large experience in competing approaches.

The meeting will be open for guests interested in this field to attend and also take part in the plenary discussions. Visitors are also encouraged to present their data on posters as there will be a poster session with ALPSS cases from all over the surgical world.

We look forward to welcome you in Hamburg

Karl J. Oldhafer      Thomas van Gulik

Message from the President of the EAHPBA Prof.Dr. Claudio Bassi:

Prof. Dr. Claudio Bassi

ALPPS is one of the most important challenges that we are facing in the field of liver surgery.
This attempt to find an international consensus and agreement on indications and techniques represents a fundamental need of today !

Prof. Ajith Siriwardena, the organizer of the E-AHPBA Congress in Manchester, has invited us to present the headlines of our ALPPS meeting in a special update session scheduled for 08.30am to 09.00am in the main 800-seater auditorium on the morning of Wednesday 22nd April 2015. Please make sure to attend this important conference.